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A very useful app and a media platform for the latest startup events, Nearby shows, Bookings, Valet parking, Events, Theatrical shows, Storytelling, Best live events, Music events, Puppetry show, Magical shows, Online streaming events, Outdoor events, Latest plays, Sports & Game events, Fun activities, Festival events, Exhibitions, etc.. It is so easy to get it done with SoEasy App.

Dig deeper into your connections and create Community

The 'SoEasy' community fosters a spirit of unity, participation, and cooperation, transforming belonging into meaningful actions. It's a wonderful circle of support, love, and understanding, where individuals share their thoughts to inspire and uplift each other.

Comprehensive services for Seamless Experience

Tailored to your needs.

Community Engagement: Join or create communities, connect with like-minded individuals, and share interests.

Event Management: Easily join, create, and invite to events. Manage attendees, logistics, entry, and digital

Networking: Enhance and grow with personal and professional digital cards.

Scheduling(Coming Soon): Streamline with appointment management tools.

Valet Parking(Coming Soon): Offer convenience for a smooth event experience.

Comprehensive Services: Ensure success in community, events, or daily operations.

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Praised by Our Users

Unmatched event management with the SoEasy app... Seamless and convenient!

"SoEasy has revolutionized our event planning! Whether it's a product launch or a concert, everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Our attendees love the seamless experience."

- Diksha Malhotra. / Marketing Event Organizer

"From managing logistics to digital ticketing, it's made organizing our annual festival a breeze. Our team and our guests are thrilled!"

- Aryan Joshi. / Festival Coordinator

"SoEasy is a game-changer for our company events. The ease of managing attendees and the professional networking tools have made a huge difference. Highly recommend!"

- Nupur Mehta / Corporate Event Planner

Frequently Asked Question

Need Support?

No, the app is free to download and use

You can log in using OTP verification on your mobile number.

Inviting more than 100 people incurs a charge.

Navigate to Booking -> Create -> Upcoming and click on the "View" button for your event.

No, your contact list is not uploaded to the server.

Currently, we are available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

You can reach us at:
Mobile: 8928746743

With SoEasy, you can manage the entire event, from creation to invitation and execution, all in one app.

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